Latest News – 2019

Wycombe LC Sprint Meet Saturday 27th April

Wycombe Sprints is always a good meet on the Thame calendar.

Saturday saw 50+ Thame swimmers head to Wycombe for the Long Course meet. From our youngest fundamentals to our group 4 squad the blue army were there to dominate and they did not let us down. Swimming long course can be a daunting task and seem never ending but this did not put them off.

Being a sprint meet they only raced over the 50 and 100m distance. The majority of our swimmers entered all 4 strokes over both distances no easy task I can assure you. Moral poolside was high as always and it was so nice to see all our groups spurring each other along.

As the 2nd session drew to a close the points so far were announced and Thame were leading in the race for best visiting club. This I think really pushed them along going into the final session of the day. Hard training, pure grit and determination showed as the medal count grew along with the overall points standings.

As the day drew to a close a handful of swimmers, 3 coaches and 1 team manager stood with baited breath awaiting the final points count. It turned out to be a worth while wait as we were crowned top visiting club. Our 2 club captain’s went up to collect the trophy which will take pride of place In the cabinet. Not only did we come home with the title of top visiting club we also came away with a really good medal haul. Please see the medal table.

On behalf of all the swimmers and parents I would like to thank the coaches, head coach Ian, assessment head coach Mark and group 2 coach Iain for all there work on the day, team manager Helen for keeping all the swimmers in order and into their races in time. Also to the time keepers and officials from Thame Swimming Club that worked on the day.

It is so very important that all our swimmers get the chance to compete in as many galas as possible. Not just to represent the club but to show themselves that the hours spent training week in week out is all for a reason. They all work so hard throughout the year and it’s so good to see them become part of one big swimming family. So please keep a regular lookout for up coming meets and if your swimmer has a time get them signed up. If you feel unsure what events to enter please come and talk to their coaches who will be more than happy to guide you in the right direction.

To the parents. Thank you for taking time out of what we all know is a hectic life. To not only get your swimmers to training but to travel to the meets wherever they may be. If you feel like supporting Thame Swimming Club more then please think about becoming a time keeper, or team manager as these meets might never take place.

See you all at the next one.

Watford Regional Qualifier Saturday 16th – Sunday 17th March

On Saturday the 16th and Sunday the 17th of March, 39 Thame swimmers, 4 coaches, two team managers and a group of devoted fans, arrived at the Woodside Leisure Centre to take part in the Watford Regional Qualifier.  Thame swimmers were up against 16 other clubs, including Amersham, Chesham, Watford and Tring.  Competition was fierce!

There were many ups, downs, PBs and medals but here are some of the highlights.

We kicked off at 1:50 with the boys’ 400 free.  There were some incredibly fast swims from Ben Mould and Jacob North, both taking huge chunks out of their PBs.  Jacob North came third in his category, taking home the bronze.

It was head to head for 14-year-old George Pearson and Jacob Pillinger in heat 4.  Jacob took a large chunk off his PB and ranked third overall in his age group.  George took a whopping 13.24 seconds (!!) off his entry time to come 1st.

Sam White also secured gold in his age group category, taking over a second off his entry time.

There were a lot of Thame girls swimming the 200IM.  One of our youngest swimmers, Ruthie Galloway got gold in the ten-year-old group after a very impressive swim.  Hattie Jolly took over 9 seconds off her entry time; Sacha Livingstone took nearly two seconds off hers and Lucy Block fought hard and came 2nd in the 15-year-old group.

Event three was the boys’ 200 butterfly.  Super Jack Allman easily secured gold in his category, after shaving a huge amount off his entry time and Murray Wakefield got a new PB and a gold medal in his group.  Well done boys!

Many of our swimmers PB’ed in the girls’ 100m free.  Ruthie Galloway matched her entry time to come 2ndAlesandra Charlton, Ella Bradley, Olivia Bradley and Isabel Day all took sizeable chunks out of their PBs.

It was head to head for Elleanor Weeks-Pearson and Sofia Charlton in a very exciting heat.  There was less than a fingernail between them, Elle touching the board at 1:13.18 and Sofia at 1:13.19!  Late entrant, Louise Birmingham took an impressive 4.9s off her time! Go Louise!

The boys’ 100m breaststroke saw Joshua Boddy shave 3s off his time to get a silver medal; Benjamin Mould got a sizeable PB; Jake Priestnall took over 2s off his entry time and Murray Wakefield had a very fast race, coming first in his heat and 2nd overall.

The girls’ 50m backstroke had 18 heats! Lots of PBs for our talented Thame girls.  Crystal Bogacki took a large chunk out of her PB and Olivia Bradley and Sofia Charlton went sub 40 for the first time in their races, both getting a fabulous new time.  It was a strong swim from Tally Simms who matched her entry time and Flora Kershaw who came 3rd in her heat.  Louise Birmingham also came 3rd in her heat and got a new PB.

Ruthie Galloway, swimming with girls sometimes two years older than her, took the silver in the ten-year-old category and Hattie Jolly matched her PB to get third.  In the final heat Lucy Block did her thing, taking home the gold.

The boys’ 50 butterfly kicked off with 2 PBs from Josh Boddy and Jacob PillingerJack Allman wowed the crowds with his super-fast fly to come in 1st and Murray Wakefield went sub 30 with his impressive swim, coming third in his category.

The 200m boys’ free saw George Pearson smash it, coming first in his heat, getting a new PB and a gold medal.  Jacob North placed third in the very fast 14-year-old boys’ group and Sam White also got bronze in his category.  Well done boys.

11-year-old Katie Croft Baker was the only Thame girl to swim the 200m breaststroke.  With Crystal Bogacki and Freya Dodd cheering her on from the side, the very determined Katie took…wait for it…14.02s off her time, getting an impressive new PB and coming 5th.

Jack Allman added to his growing medal collection by coming 2nd in the 100 free and getting a new PB.  Murray Wakefield came third in his heat and third in his category for another bronze.  You’re definitely going to need a bigger cabinet, boys!

In the girls’ 100m back, Katie Croft Baker did it again, shaving a huge chunk off her PB and coming 2nd in her heat.  Crystal Bogacki got a new PB and Elleanor Weeks Pearson and Isabel Day went head to head in their heat, both getting faster times.  Martha Block got a new PB, as did Louise Birmingham, who, as a late entrant, took 5.22 seconds off her entry time.

Lucy Block wowed the crowds with her impressive backstroke, coming first in her heat and first overall in her group.

The last race of the day was the girls’ 50m breaststroke.  Ruthie Galloway and Freya Dodd swimming in the same heat, both got sizeable PBs.  Freya knocked 3.71s off her time and Ruthie knocked 2.4 seconds off hers coming 3rd in her group.  Katie Croft Baker and Martha Block both swam sub 50 for their PBs.

Day 2 started early with the girls’ 400 free.  Maya Camp, Hazel Randall and Honey Valdiserri took on the challenge, each getting good times.

Murray Wakefield, Sam White and Matthew Evans went head to head in the 200IM.  After a fast-paced swim, Murray placed 4th and Sam 2nd in the very fast 15-year-old group.  Matthew Evans took nearly 2s off his entry time.

Emily Evans was the only girl to swim in the girls’ 200 fly.  It was a spectacular swim and Emily came 2nd in her heat and first overall.

There were some big PBs in the very exciting boys’ 100m free.  Jack Allman and Jake Priestnall were neck and neck in their heat, Jack coming in 2nd, closely followed by Jake who came in 3rdJack came 2nd in his group overall, getting himself a silver medal.

Elle Weeks Pearson, Olivia Bradley and Alex Smith all took massive chunks out of their entry times in the 100m breaststroke.  Alex Smith knocked 5.78s off her entry time!

The boys’ 50m backstroke was a hard round.  Jack Allman came 4th and Joshua Greig managed to PB despite a major goggle malfunction.

Ten-year-old Mia Bradley swam her little socks off in the 50m butterfly.  Just pipped to the post in her heat, she won gold in her age group.

Freya Dodd, who had been DQ’ed in the 100m breaststroke, came back fighting in the 50m fly, knocking 3.34s off her time.  Well done Freya!

Olivia Bradley and Elle Weeks Pearson knocked seconds off their entry times and Hattie Jolly, swimming against girls up to three years older than her, came 2nd in her heat and 4th overall in her age group category.

Murray Wakefield took on the 400IM after lunch, smashing his entry time and taking off 7.32 seconds.  He ranked first in his group, taking home the gold.

Strong swims from Hazel Randall, Honey Valdiserri and Abigail Hard in the 200 free.  Abi battled hard for second place in her heat and got a new PB, coming fifth overall.

Murray Wakefield, Elliiot Riley-Brown and Sam White were on top form in the boys’ 200m breaststroke and went head to head in heat 5.  Sam White placed 2nd in the 15-year-old group and Murray came 3rd to take home the bronze.

Elliot Riley-Brown took 2.16s off his entry time and came 4th in his group.

Maya Camp and Emily Evans took on the 100 fly.  Emily placed 2nd in the 14-year-old group and Maya took bronze for the 15-year olds.

Matthew Evans also won bronze in the boys’ 50m breaststroke.  He managed to take just over half a second off his entry time in a very fast heat.

The last race of the day was the 50m free, raced in 17 heats.  It had been a long weekend, but our girls were up to the challenge.

They were off to a good start when Mia Bradley came first in her heat and first overall, getting herself a new PB and a gold medal.  Freya Dodd followed this up by also getting a PB and Esme Shipley, who came just for the 50 free, smashed it, taking nearly 2s off her time.  Abi Hard swam a very exciting race, coming third in her heat and Ella Bradley and Hattie Jolly went head to head in heat 8, both taking seconds off their entry times and getting new PBs.

As you can see from this lengthy report, it was a very successful weekend for Thame.  A big well done to everyone who took part and special thanks to Annie Pearson, Ian Blythe, Mark Simms, Phil Evans and Damien Wakefield for their help and support over the weekend.

Please do check out the medal table below and thanks for reading.

ONB County Championships Jan – Feb 2019

What an awesome Counties TSC had this year – the highest number of accepted entries by individual swimmers in the Club’s history, with 24 swimmers qualifying for numerous events, plus all our wonderful relay teams; Team TSC is going from strength to strength!

ONB Counties kicked off with the 1500m events on Saturday 5th January whilst most of us were still digesting turkey and Christmas pudding!   Sam White and Lucy Block qualified for this event; the first time it has been run as a mixed gala – in previous years the boys only swam the 1500m and the girls the 800m.  The pair swam brilliantly, Sam coming 17th with a 9 second PB in the Mens Open and Lucy 10th in the Ladies Open both amongst tough opposition, for those who aren’t aware there are no age categories in the ONB County long-distance events.

The following weekend was the 800m event – again being run as a mixed swim.  Every TSC swimmer who took part in this event PB’d with no exceptions – what an achievement – so well done to all the girls who swam: Abi Hard, Hazel Randall, Tally Simms, Lucy B and Lizi Humphreys; Tally knocked 9 seconds off her entry time, whilst Lizi was our highest placed girl in a time of 9.39.21 coming 11th overall – well done to Lizi.

The boys were also on fire in the 800s – those who qualified were Sam White, Ben Mould, George Pearson and Jacob North; Jacob knocked a whopping 41 seconds off his entry time and Ben Mould was not far behind him taking 24 seconds of his PB – fantastic swimming.

Next up were the 400s, both freestyle and IM were swum on Sunday 20th January – the third weekend in a row for some of our county qualifiers.  Congratulations to all our swimmers – some really impressive PBs, too many to mention individually as Team TSC were there en-mass – but big shout outs to:

George Pearson, who took 7 seconds off his PB in the 400 Free to come in 1st and become County Champion in the 13 Year Age Group at this stroke and then cracked it again in the 400 IM by taking a further 19 seconds of his PB to finish 5th in his age group – absolutely amazing swimming!!!

Jacob Pillinger, who also PB’d in the 400 free – 13 year old age group and got a finalist medal for coming 5th.

Jo Hewett knocked an impressive 15 seconds off her PB in the 400 free and won Gold in the multi-disability category – very impressive Jo!

Lucy Block, managed a 14 second PB in the 400 IM to take 3rd in the 15 year old girls category – her backstroke definitely gave her a huge lead in this competitive field.

Abi Hard who despite major surgery on her shoulder last summer has come back fighting and had an amazing Counties – she got an impressive 6 second PB in her 400 Free – fantastic determination!

… and well done to our older boys, Sam White, Murray Wakefield, Josh Greig, Ben Rose and Elliot Riley-Brown who all took large chunks off of their 400 times too.

Counties then took a rest for a couple of weeks until the main Championships which are held over two weekends in February – 9th/10th and 16th/17th at the Aqua Vale in Aylesbury.  All the 50s, 100s and 200s are held over these weekends, so the galas are very busy and very exciting!!

For those who are unfamiliar with Counties, the 200 events are HDW (Heat Declared Winner) as at most galas, however the top 8 swimmers only from all age groups then swim in one final later in the day to ascertain who is crowned Open Champion of that stroke and who takes the title of Junior Champion (16 years and under).  All the 100s and 50s have finals for the top 8 swimmers in each age group – which are amazingly exciting, and again the top placed 3 swimmers over all the age groups can be crowned Open/Junior Champion as well.  All 8 swimmers in every final get a finalist medal, so well worth qualifying!

The main championships got off to a really strong start on day one for Team TSC with Jack Allman, George Pearson and Murray Wakefield all making it through to the 100 Fly final.  Jack through his sheer determination managed to pick up a bronze in the final …  Jack also made it through to the 50 free final – not bad for his first individual County Championship!!!

Also at her first individual Counties was Hattie Jolly, who made it comfortably through to the 50 fly final with a second off her PB.  She eventually ended up 7th in the final, knocking yet another half second off her qualifying time – fantastic swimming Hattie!

The Afternoon session saw the girls take on the 200 IM, TSC’s Hattie, Honey and Lucy B all shaved seconds off their entry times with good strong swims.  Not to be out-done the boys came out strong in the 200 Free – PBs were smashed by Sam Williams, Jack A, George Pearson – who also notched a brilliant 2nd place in the 13 year old boys, Jacob – who got an 8th place in his age group and Elliot R-B – who got a 2 second PB.

Jack did it again the next day making the 100 Back final, whilst Hattie Jolly, Lucy D and Lucy B enjoyed their 50 Back splash and dash all with PBs, and Hattie and Lucy B making it through to the finals later in the day.  George Pearson showed the crowd who’s the 13 year old king of 200 Fly by taking 1st place with Jack finishing 4th, and Murray also taking 4th in the 15 year old age group.

To round off the day Lucy B managed to get gold in the 200 Back, so is now first in the County for 15 year olds at this distance, along with qualifying for a place in the Open Final, whilst Matt Evans and Sam White swam an impressive 200 Breaststroke against very strong competition, with Sam ending up 6th in his age group.

So to Finals on day 2 of the main champs and Team TSC are again very well represented for such a small club against the other 15 Clubs.  Jack did himself proud in the 100 Back, got yet another small PB, and another finalist medal and so did Hattie in the 50 Back.   Lucy B managed to get bronze in her 50 Back final in the 15 year category, along with getting 6th in the Open Age Group 200 Back Final, which meant that she ended up with 3rd in the Junior County Championship and a place on the podium – a first for the Club.

The final weekend of the Championship and Thame were still going strong!  Emily Evans swum her favourite event the 100 fly and qualified for a place in the final.  After being DQ’d in her 100 fly, Hattie J bounced back like a trooper to get to the 50 free final – showing real determination, and Jack A got to yet another final – this time the 50 fly.

In the afternoon Josh Boddy swam a very strong 200 IM getting an impressive 4 second PB, followed by the dynamic duo, George P and Jack A who were at it again, finishing 5th and 8th in the boys 13 years 200 IM.  Is this success something to do with eating frozen peas – which apparently George likes to chomp on during a gala!  Maybe we should all try it?!

Jo Hewett was back on top form again getting 2nd in the 50 Free and an 11 second PB in her 200 Free, winning her gold and another very well deserved place on the podium.

The finals are electrifying and this penultimate day was no exception – each swimmer gets to walk on with their age group finalists and be announced to the crowd  – all our finalists swam amazingly, but the most exciting moment was Jack in the 50 fly, who was unfortunately pipped into 2nd place by a City of Oxford swimmer who won by a mere finger tip – an awesome swim Jack and a well deserved silver medal.

So to the last day of Counties Competition – the girls opened the proceedings with Jo Hewett in the 100 Back, and another convincing win for Jo, another podium finish and trophy – brilliant stuff!  Lucy B also swam well in her heat of the 100 Back with a new PB and qualified in 1st place for her finalGeorge and Jack both swum convincingly in the 100 Free heats coming in 3rd and 5th consecutively and making it comfortably to the finals, but the morning was owned by Murray Wakefield who went an impressive 59.28 in his 100 Free – the first time under a minute over that distance – congratulations Murray on an awesome swim!  But not to be outdone Jack then did it again 😊 got yet another PB and qualified for the 50 Back Final – what a Championship this lad has had!

The afternoon was also full of success; Emily Evans picked up a bronze in her 200 Fly in a new PB of 2.41.74, five seconds ahead of the swimmer in 4th place – well done Emily.  Sam Williams, who was also competing at his first Counties finished his weekend’s swimming on a high note with a 6 second PB on his 200 Back.  We say goodbye and good luck to Sam who is now off to pastures new.  Jack A and Elliot R-B also picked up finalist medals for their age group 200 Back events.

The final evening session saw our three finalists do themselves proud.  George came 6th in his 100 free age group final having shaved over 4 seconds off his entry time, Lucy B was in a thrilling 100 back final, but like Jack the day before was beaten by a mere finger tip into second place in the 15 year age category, but she did also get a third in the Junior Championship, so a podium finish to end the Counties.  Finally, to our Jack, who has won more bling than most, and tonight was no exception as he came in third in the 50 Back to win his final bronze of the meet.

Our commiserations go to Esme Young, who due to injury wasn’t able to attend Counties this year having qualified for 50 and 200 Back.  We wish you a speedy recovery and look forward to seeing you next year!

It truly was a fantastic meet for Team Thame, loads of Club Records were broken, lots of Regional Times were achieved, but most of all Team TSC united to cheer each other on, give praise when it was due and hugs in moments of disappointment and basically just be there for each other.  It was truly magical.

Huge thanks to Head Coach, Ian Blyth, who was there from dawn to dusk on every day of the County Championships, also big thanks to the rest of the coaching squad, Damian Wakefield and Mark Simms who coached and cheered all our swimmers on.  Thank you also to all our officials, who pitched up in their whites to work poolside, and also to all the volunteers who gave up their time to help with all our ONB designated jobs from marshalling to entry desk, to drinks monitor and medal table – we couldn’t have done it without you.

And finally a word on those wonderful relay teams ….. well done to all our relay squads, who competed in the Medley and Freestyle relays throughout the County Championships.  All the teams beat their entry times, some by huge margins, so new PBs were flying around (although unfortunately they don’t officially count in personal terms!).  The relays are great fun, very noisy, water everywhere with lots of cheering from the crowd – a real sight to behold!  Our best placing was the boys 13-14 Freestyle Relay team who came 5th in their age group and the Girls Open Freestyle Relay team who came 9th – well done to you all.  Below is a list of relay squads who competed – congratulations to you all:

Boys – 10/12 Age Group:  Sam Williams, Joe White, Hugo Pearson, Thomas Sackett

Girls – 10/12 Age Group:  Ruthie Galloway, Katie Croft-Baker, Alessandra Charlton, Hattie Jolly, Jessica Tawsley, Crystal Bogaki,

Boys – 13/14 Age Group:  Ben Mould, Jack Allman, Jacob North, George Pearson

Girls – 13/14 Age Group:  Isabel Day, Isabella Johnston, Emily Evans, Honey Valdiserri, Olivia Bradley, Ellie Weeks-Pearson.

Boys – U16 Age Group:  Jacob North, Sam White, Murray Wakefield, George Nelson, Jack Allman

Girls – U16 Age Group:  Lucy Day, Abi Hard, Emily Evans, Lucy Block, Alex Smith

Boys Open – Matt Evans, Ben Rose, Elliot Riley-Brown, Arran Parmar

Girls Open – Lizi Humphreys, Lucy Block, Abi Hard, Lucy Day, Emily Evans

WOW what a brilliant Counties Team Thame had – we came 10th overall as a Club, which is amazing against such huge competition.  I hope this inspires YOUR swimmer to train hard, compete hard and get those all important PBs to qualify for next year’s Championships!

Wycombe Duel Meet 16-17th February 2019

What a brilliant weekend. Thame visited Wycombe for the annual dual meet held at the Wycombe Leisure Centre.

Some 30 + swimmers from fundamentals through to group 3 arrived to take on the long course meet. Taking on 17 other clubs and for some their first ever gala and their first ever 50m pool. It seemed like nothing was going to Faze any of our swimmers as they were all very excited. I would say the biggest shock came as one of our fundamental swimmers 9 year old Rennie disappeared into the distance in her warm up and all we could see was a little white fundamentals hat at the other end of the pool. Nothing got in her way as she came back surrounded by bigger swimmers with the mind set of this is my Lane as much as it is yours so you can all wait. 2 Full sessions each day meant a lot of waiting around but the swimmers all kept busy with colouring and card games and lots of talking.

Louise Birmingham was very brave and took on the mighty 400 individual medley for the very first time and set a very respectable time, she now has something to aim at the next time she does it, so well done Louise.

Over the 2 days we saw pbs and medals in abundance and their faces lit up when they were told their times. It would be great to see a lot more from Thame swimming club at next year’s event. To get a long course time so early in the year is a must for all swimmers from fundamentals through to group 4 so please keep an eye out for future events.

Please see the weekends medal count.

A big thanks goes out to coaches Iain and Andy and to team manager Helen for controlling and making it a great fun weekend for all.