Thame Swimming Club

Development & Training Group 1

Group Coach: Megan Hard and Rachel Collins


To develop the main strokes through using simple effective drills that are carried out to the best skill level possible.

To develop each stroke through further developing a streamlined, balanced head and body position, good kick and understanding of each stroke.

To master all turns (including IM).

To introduce the concepts of racing swimmers from other clubs as an individual or for a team, and to start entering galas for their level.

Swim Training

Based on progressive overload.

All four different kicks, plus incorporating underwater fly kick on back and front.

All drills to be progressive.

Learn to read the pace clock.

Make swimmers aware of the importance of lane discipline.

Maintain a fun balanced programme (happy swimmers work better)

Land Training

5 minutes of basic arm / leg & body rotation before entering the water.

Group 1: Development & Training

Thursday 6.00-7.00pm
Sunday 5.30 – 6.30pm Risborough pool