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10th June 2009

"Congratulations on so many personal best times! I was so pleased to hear that all of you swam so well at the Wycombe Sprints a couple of weeks ago. It's awesome to think that a Swimming Club only recently conceived and so very young can compete with (and beat!) swimmers from such a well established club such as Wycombe District SC.

This is the result of nothing more than the hard work and dedication of you; the swimmers, your coaches and of course your parents. To be so competitive takes not only showing up every day but showing up with a belief in what you're doing, a belief in your coaches and a belief in yourselves.

Enjoying the race is the most important thing for you in swimming, it's what swimming is about and it's the reward for all the time you spend going up and down the pool! Keep training smart, keep racing tough, and remember: always listen to your coaches!"

    Simon Burnett  

Simon Burnett, local Team GB swimmer, has agreed to become the patron of Thame Swimming Club.

Simon fully supports the new club and wants to encourage the children of Thame to develop to their full swimming potential. Simon now trains in the USA but will drop in from time to time to see how we are getting on and help out with club activities.

Welcome on board Simon!

Simon took gold (100M Freestyle & 4x200M Freestyle Relay) and silver (200M Freestyle) medals at the Commonwealth Games in Melbourne in 2006 and represented Great Britain at the Beijing Olympics in 2008. Simon was born in Oxford at the John Radcliffe hospital and went to Lord Williams’s School in Thame before doing his A-Levels at John Hampden school in High Wycombe to ease the travelling to train with our old friends at Wycombe District Swimming Club.

Simon Burnett
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10th June 2011

Thanks From Simon Burnett for Thame SC Fundraising For UCARE.

Simon Burnett contacted the club this week to send a message of thanks to all the swimmers and organisers for making the Swim A Mountain event such a great success. Simon is back in town at present getting ready for the National Championships in Sheffield, 14th – 17th June 2011. Simon will e pushing hard to qualify for the World Championships in Shanghai later in the summers in the 50m & 100m Freestyle events.

Simon will be swimming in the 50m Freestyle on 16th June 2011 and the 100m freestyle on 17th June. Watch out for Simon’s progress on Radio 5 Live and on the BBC Sport website. The very best of luck to Simon!

Simon’s Message:

Congratulations everyone!

I’m so thrilled to hear about all the money you’ve raised for the club and for the UCARE Charity that I’m so passionate about! Two thousand pounds is a massive amount of money and you should all be so proud to think that you were part of it. From this point forward, everyone that is helped by UCARE, or that joins up to the club will be somewhat indebted to each and every one of you, because you, and people like you, have made it possible for these organisations to exist at all.

I know how hard it is to step outside your comfort zone and ask people to give you money, even if it is for charity. And though it may seem like this is simply a huge boost for the club and the charity, it actually does more for you and your future than you might think.

Let me explain. Learning to use your abilities, whatever they may be, is a huge step toward applying yourself in any situation that may present itself in the future, whether it be in your sporting life, home life, school life or even career later down the road. When presented with a challenge, such as; ‘try to raise as much money as you can’, it is not unusual for one to think “How is that even possible???” This overwhelming thought can sometimes end the endeavour before it’s even begun! But by looking past the obvious difficulties and committing yourself to give your best, to figure out how to get to your target and to come out on the other side with a great deal to show for it is what life is all about. If you can master something like this then trying to drop a little time in your 100m backstroke may come a little easier, finishing that geography homework might seem a bit less daunting, and understanding how to run a business suddenly is just another challenge to be conquered!


This personal reward of showing yourself that you are capable of anything you put your mind to say nothing of the satisfaction you should feel from helping your fellow man. The character growth that helping a charity, or simply helping someone in need, cannot be replicated in any other way. This will make you a more compassionate person, a more approachable person, a more understanding friend, and most importantly, a better son or daughter, brother, or sister.

I want to personally thank you for this undertaking, it has meant a great deal to me and all those involved in or with UCARE. I have already heard from ten different people about how much you were able to raise and how wonderful it is to work with such enthusiastic and capable young people.

Thank you and congratulations again!

Simon Burnett

Simon Burnett

Club Patron Simon Burnett Visits TSC - 21st March 2010

Simon Burnett dropped into Thame Swimming Club to visit the swimmers on the 21st March. He is over from the US to attend the British Gas Championships in Sheffield between the 29th March and the 3rd April. This is a key qualifying competition for the Commonwealth Games in Delhi later this year. On the last day of the championships, Simon took the 50M Freestyle championship with a time of 22.53 Seconds. Jamie and George have a way to go yet to beat that.

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Simon Burnett

27th March 2009 - Simon Burnett came to Thame pool to meet the swimmers Thame Swimming Club. Simon has agreed to be patron of the club and will pop in from time to time when he is in the UK to assist the club in developing the children to their full swimming potential. Simon donated some team GB kit from the Beijing Olympics for the club to auction at the launch party on 18th April.

Simon said “I am very keen to be involved in the club, it’s great that there is a new local focus for swimming in Thame.” Simon stayed to sign autographs and pose for pictures with the swimmers and coaches. Simon returns to training in the US at the weekend to prepare for the coming world championships later in 2009.

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