Thame Swimming Club is a members' Swimming Club managed entirely by volunteers for the benefit of all members. Everyone involved in the running of the club gives their time freely to create opportunities for our swimmers. This means that all of our members' fees go directly into pool hire, coaching costs, and essential expenses. But it also means that without the dedication and commitment of all our volunteers, none of this would be possible.

Whatever your skills, interests, or available time, there will be a role for you at Thame Swimming Club. Please let us know if you can help in any way. We are always on the lookout for people to join our committee, but we also need more regular support - particularly with galas, which are so important for the development of the swimmers, and to raise the funds to allow us to continue to operate.

Before every gala, our Volunteer Co-ordinator will ask for volunteers to fulfill a variety of roles from Team Managers and Announcers to Warm-Up Marshalls and Runners.

Within the TeamUnify online gala entry process for Thame galas and events there will also be a 'Job Sign Up' tab. Each session will display how many volunteers are required for each session to cover the roles available. Everyone attending should be looking to support Thame at our galas.


So, you will have seen all those people in white wandering about on poolside and wondered who they are and why they are there, and perhaps, why your child has been disqualified!

The role of a swimming official is to observe the race and the swimmers to ensure a fair, safe and enjoyable competition for everyone, with accurate timings and placings.  The focus is not on being 'officious' or setting out to disqualify people, but to ensure that everyone has their best possible race.

We are always required to provide officials for competitions, whether we are hosting our own gala or sending swimmers to an open meet.  We rely 100% on parent volunteers as officials.  Having said that though, becoming an official is very rewarding; you get to know a lot more about the sport that your child is passionate about and you will get to know the swimmers and other parents; it is a very sociable and supportive role; you are much closer to the action and it is cooler than sitting in the gallery!

The following club members are qualified Swim England officials:





Has overall responsibility for the competition, the other officials and compliance with the technical rules of swimming.  Oversees each race and determines the race result, including the final decision on swimmers' times, placings and any disqualifications.  Needs to have been qualified as a J2S for at least one year with a minimum of 10 hours post qualification experience in that role.


J2S - Starter

Operates the starting equipment.  Is responsible, together with the Referee, for a safe and fair start.  Can act as an assistant referee at a Level 3 or 4 meet or an unlicensed gala.  Needs to have completed a minimum of 20 hours post qualification experience as a J2.  Training consists of a prescribed number of practical experiences as a Starter before undertaking a formal practical assessment.


J2 - Judge Level 2

Observes the stroke and assists the J1's with watching swimmers' turns and relay takeovers.  May also record the finish order.  The training follows a similar format to that of Judge Level 1 with formal instruction, mentored poolside training with workbook followed by a practical assessment.


J1 - Judge Level 1

Can act as a Timekeeper (recording the times) or Chief Timekeeper (collecting the times and liaising with the Referee).  Manual times are recorded, just in case, even if electronic timing pads are in use. The other role of a J1 is to observe swimmers after the start, at each turn and when performing relay takeovers (Inspector of Turns).

Amelia Blight
Caroline Crosby
Claire Fox

Ali Davies
Anna Galloway
Jo Sackett

J1(T) in Training

Has completed the Timekeeper's qualification and the J1 online course and is working towards completing the J1 training with mentoring poolside and completion of a workbook.

Alan King
Alex Dodd
Darryll Finch
Duncan White
Emma Way
Marigold Peters
Sam Parkin
Sheryl Lewis


Can time the swimmers at an unlicensed competition or a Level 4 meet.  Qualification is achieved by means of a short theory session followed by a practical assessment.

Ian Galloway
Jackie Mason
Jo Norman
Laura Russell
Louise Croft Baker
Pamela Tuxworth
Paul Priestley
Ray Barrett
Tom Nethercott

Please do get involved!  There is no obligation to do more than you want to.  Full training is provided.  The more officials we have, the easier it is to find enough volunteers to run all the galas your children enjoy.

If you would like to find out more about volunteering or becoming an Official, please contact us via: [email protected]

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