As a Swim England affiliate club that is Swim Mark accredited, we have a number of documents / policies that we must adhere to.

Codes of Conduct: these set out the behaviour that our swimmers, parents, coaches, and committee agree to follow:

We also have a number of other policies that we adhere to:

  • Safeguarding Policy This policy sets out how we keep swimmers safe
  • Health and Safety Policy This policy highlights how we aim to provide a safe and risk free environment for members and others who may be affected by the club’s activities
  • Absence from Swimming Policy This sets out our policy if your swimmer is absent from swimming
  • Group Movement Policy This document details the process by which swimmers gain entry to the club and are subsequently moved from one training group to another
  • Leavers Policy This document details the process required when one of our swimmers wants to leave the club

If you have any questions about our policies, don't hesitate to contact our Head of Policies who will be happy to help.